Sunday, August 16, 2015


         The 2015 Ajijic Zombies are PROUD to Present

featuring the Fabulous Zombies of 2015

   Our final count of dancing Zombies is 61. We definitely had my dream number of 100 registered over the month, but there was a little issue involving a hurricane that kept some Zombies home. that's okay, Zoms, there's always next year!         
  The main thing is, we beat all previous records for money raised for our Red Cross, and I couldn't be prouder, or more grateful. I needed a lot of help, and not only did I get it, I don't know why I would try to do it without all that wonderful support.
     They're still counting, but I heard $180,000 mxn this morning!



It's too soon to make the call, but at 8:00 am it looks like we may be dancing in the streets tonight. We are prepared in case we have to be inside , but I hope we're not, because it would cancel the parade. At the moment, it looks positive. Final call at 2:00 okay?

For parade vehicles, drive down Colon and back into Hidalgo, which will be closed on the Marcos Castellanos side with a city truck.

THERE'S A HURRICANE OUT THERE!!  I know, I know, and we have plans in place in case it's raining. Remember, we must dance at 5:00! We've also made sure that those of you who have purchased dinner dance tickets are by God going to dine and dance, and that your VIP sponsors will not be be cheated. We hope it will be sunny, though, because the one thing that would have to be cancelled or postponed is our parade to six corners.
       By the way VIP does not include the dinner, they are separate. There was just a little confusion on that.

 ***********************!NO PRACTICE ON FRIDAY!******************************
Rest your brains( mmmm, Zombies love brains!) you are all well prepared. See you at Make-up on Saturday.

and I'm looking forward to a fantastic Thrill Day. You've all been dancing with real dedication. And I think this years horde is the FIRST ONE who has ever done any homework! Yes, I can tell you have!  However you're doing it, you're doing it, and that's what counts. I just think it's going to be a Thriller to be proud of.

Club Exotica ( downstairs) will turn into club Zombie on Saturday. It will be open a all day after 1:00, and you can hang out, practice, go out and sell tee shirts and prom tickets, however you want to spend your time. 

You MUST be in the club, in dress and makeup 4:00. Here are the Thrill the World rules, which make us eligible to be part of the dance record, and also the TTW family when they start doing pictures for their web site and things like that. Here's the stuff we have to do:

The Thrill Day Ten

1. You MUST sign in. If you are not on the sign in sheet, you are not in the dance.
2. You MUST wear a name tag in the usual place, just this once.
3. We will do a final run through at 4:30
4. Right after that, we will do the group photo. This is required. There are some other video requirements, but all we have to do is get in a huddle and let them take our picture, okay?
5. Our soundtrack starts with a Zombie warning. The Zombie warning plays again, about 15 minutes later, just before the music starts. Don't get out there too early...minutes seem like centuries when you're waiting out there to hear that creaking door. I'm not kidding.
6. Hold your final pose until Vincent Price quits laughing, then turn around and follow Val's lead into the Electric Slide. Once it gets going, I hope some of the crowd will join us. I plan to go down and dance with them to help with that, and you can long as you match what's happening on the stage!
7. Jump into your's parade time! If you stop at a small Dulceria you can buy huge bags of candy for pesos....this is not the time to throw our your full size snickers bars!
8. At Six Corners we'll dance again, for fun, love and to give a little thanks for the awesome place we live, Then it's back to the cars, and back to the Plaza.
9. Manix will have transformed the plaza while we're away, and set up two cash bars along with the dinner buffet.
10. We'll Party like it's 2015!!!

The tee shirts turned out to be a real success, and they're selling well. That's a profit maker for the Cruz Rojas, so remind you're friends that they can order them from you and pick them up Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday.

The Zombie Prom is selling well, too, and we're going to have a ton of well deserved fun on Saturday night after dancing our Zombie patooties off. The more of your friends you have there to celebrate with you, the more fun you'll have, so let them order tickets too!

See you There!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

57 Zombies raised $150,000 pesos for the Cruz Rojas Chapala. Rock on Zombies!

Final Wrap Up Coming Soon! Thanks to everyone's hard work, Thrill the World 2014 was danced, and boy was it ever! Way to go Zombies! Check back here for the final deets, the numbers are still coming in, but from early calulations, you can all be very proud of yourselves!

And yes, it looks like we're going to get back into the Book of World Records!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thrill the World in Full Swing! Join Now--1:00 Saturday or 5:00 Wednesday at Club Exotica!

Make Up Appointments are OPEN

Starting Wednesday, Zombies can start to make their appointments for their makeup. Simple zombie makeup will be $50 ps and specialty makeup – Catrinas, Zombie - wounds, burns will be $150 ps. Children performing in the dance will be free. All proceeds will be donated to Cruz Roja.

Zombie Alum will testify that this is a great investment, and it makes it super easy if you don't want want to bother with it yourself. We're so lucky to have pro make up artists who volunteer their time for us! The appointments do fill up fast, so get in there and get your spot.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Hour Practice Going Great!

I'm hearing great things on the Zombie grapevine about Wednesday's Happy Hour Dance Practice with Dance Director Val. Many of you have said that you really appreciate the way she breaks the sections down. If you weren't able to attend, you'll see what the buzz is all about tomorrow, at Club Exotica, from 1:00 to 3:00 for the regular dance practice.

Your "homework" this week is the section called Head n Shoulders. Have a look at it once or twice     ( or three times) and you'll be ready to go.


In all choreographed routines, one of the most overlooked parts is the transitions, the parts that "attach" one section to the next. Pay a little bit of attention to those as you watch the video lessons. You can gain confidence in the transitions by watching the whole dance.

Most important of all though, is to have a great time.

Remember, The Zombie Horde is a perfectionist free Zone

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Welcome Back Val!

Zombie Duchess Val is BACK!!
   Zombies will cheer when the Duchess takes over the Horde ( and the Queen, ahem, graciously backs away). You've met our Executive Committee of Zombie Dance Leader Fether, Zombie Dance Captain Cortlandt, and Zombie Princess Lesley. Val Jones, Veteran Zombie since 2010 is back to take the helm.
    At Wednesdays's Happy Hour, Zombies danced all the way through the routine--twice! We learned two new parts. They are : Section 6:

and Section 7,

If you haven't gotten to a rehearsal, or won't even be in the country until October 23, or have some other reason you haven't been able to start yet, fear not. You can join any time. If you've started coming to sessions and you don't feel like you're learning fast enough, again, fear not. The dance will be reviewed often, and then again, and then some more. You literally can sign in at the last minute, and we will welcome you.

 Rehearsals sure are turning out to be fun though, especially since Emilio, has provided us with a bartender on Wednesdays.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome 2014 Zombies! First Practice September 20 at Club Exotica, 1:00-3:00!

Well, Zombies, this is a treat! In the fab photo above, behind Michael and to his left (our right) is our very own Zombie Dance Captain Cortlandt! I bet we're the only horde in the world who has one of the original Zombies from the video!
I have attached the Zombie Step List. Remember there are eight sections, each of which has it's own set of videos. You can find the videos on the tab that says, uh, video lessons. During the dance, all of the sections are repeated at least once--we do the one called Shuffle Ha Slide FOUR times!-- so this list is the order in which the sections are done. It will all make sense on Saturday at 1:00, Club Exotica on the Plaza, when we will meet for our first official Learn the Dance Clinic. Encourage your friends to come and join...Zombie Princess Lesley has committed to 50 teens!

​ In addition to the step list, Here are two videos. The first is the actual Zombie Dance from the groundbreaking Thriller Video. See if you can find Cortlandt! Video HERE.

The second video is a really slow version of how we'll be doing the dance. On my computer there were several seconds of black before Ines ( our Supreme Leader,) starts with Zombie Stomp. You will notice that she is saying the words of the script, which is an important part of the learning process. The video is HERE

The script is HERE. This version has room for your own notes, so if you'd like to print it out, you may find it easier to work with than the one that will be provided for you on Saturday.

Okay Zombies, recap of this weeks tool kit.
1) a cool picture of our Dance Captain Cortlandt performing with MJ himself.
2) An Attached list of the order of the dance sections
3) a link to the original Michael Jackson Dance
4) a link to a learning version of how we'll be doing the dance
5) a link to the dance script that you can download and print.

See you at Exotica on Saturday at 1:00! Registration remains open, it's a one time fee of $50 pesos. Zombie Hugs,
The Queen of All Lakeside Zombies.